German Foods

In America, most of the restaurants are American. Everywhere you look, you can buy a burger and fries. But what if you want something different? At M & M Bierock, we specialize in German foods. We offer the classic American drive thru experience while offering traditional German foods at a great price.

What do we have to offer? We are most popular for our bierocks! Bierocks are a unique twist on sandwiches and burgers. Instead of the toppings being placed in between two buns, they are packed into a bread roll and baked to perfection. What you get is a warm roll that you can sink your teeth into. Want to give our German foods a try? Come by today to see what we’ve got cooking! We offer dine in and drive thru services. We’ve got the best German cuisine in Wichita, KS, and we also offer affordable prices that everyone can afford.

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